March 28 Post

At this point in the semester I have seen some really interesting projects that my classmates came up with. Every project my classmates have shown, I have been impressed with. There are many creative ideas that they all have. Also by this point I have seen many hyper-realism examples in the real world. There are […]

3/1 Post

This is my third week of progress working on the Hyper Realism project. I have almost finished getting the pictures exactly the way¬† I want them to appear in my final Hyper Realism piece. I have been using the eraser to get rid of the backgrounds that my pictures were in. I like using the […]

February 22 Post

Getting through my Hyper Realism project editing all my pictures and preparing them to put the piece together. Not many sports pictures demonstrate any Photoshop techniques but I feel that there should be. The possibilities are endless although here are a few that I found below. A great website I found with some great sports […]

February 1, 2016

Today I learned some simple photo retouching techniques on Adobe Photoshop. This was my first foray into Adobe Photoshop and I cannot wait to delve even deeper. I am looking forward to getting started with my Hyper-Realism project.